Included Features and Services

All bare metal servers come with a comprehensive set of features and services.
With these features included at no additional cost,
you can accelerate deployment and optimize your total cost of operations.


  • 1Gbps or 1Gbps unmetered
  • Up to 100 Gbps Protection System
  • Private VLAN & Private Network
  • Reverse DNS Management
  • Datacenter

  • 24x7 Onsite Security
  • 110 Gbps Total Capacity
  • Digital Security Video Surveillance
  • System Management

  • Uptime Monitor
  • Advanced Bandwidth Reporting
  • Automated OS Reloads
  • Remote Reboot & Console Access
  • Support & Developer

  • 24x7 Data Center Staffing
  • 24x7 Technical Staff
  • Email Delivery Service
  • Payments:Paypal, Credit Card
  • DDoS Security

  • DDoS attacks and other evolving threats. Safeguard your business and your data. Included in all services.
  • API

  • Create your APP or integrate our service in your customer portal.
  • Dedicated Server

    Standard Series

    CPU Memory Default Drive(s) Bandwidth Q.ty Monthly ( € )
    Intel QuadCore I5 250016GB500GB SATA 1Gbps 0 $34.00Customize
    Intel QuadCore i5 457016GB240GB SSD 1Gbps 1 $34.00Customize
    Intel QuadCore i7 477032GB240GB SSD 1Gbps 3 $47.00Customize
    Intel I3 6100 NEW32GB240GB SSD 1Gbps 28 $47.00Customize
    Intel I7 6700 NEW32GB480GB SSD 1Gbps 0 $58.00Customize

    Enterprise Series

    CPU Memory Default Drive(s) Bandwidth Q.ty Monthly ( € )
    Xeon E3 1230 3,2Ghz16GB240GB SSD 1Gbps 1 $42.00Customize
    Xeon E5 1620v364GB2x480GB SSD 1Gbps 5 $150.00Customize
    Dual Xeon OctaCore E5 2620v464GB2x480GB SSD 1Gbps 3 $220.00Customize

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